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A scene during one of the discussions being conducted in one of my classes in TIP Quezon City.

Welcome learners! I am delighted that you are able to visit this page. This page is another testament of my willingness to break the four-wall barrier of teaching and learning. This your courses web page serves as the jump-off for the courses you enrolled under my tutelage. We will be utilizing this and other technologies to extend and expand our class contact hours.

This page contains the links to the various courses you enrolled this term. Just click on the images embedded or the corresponding links for your courses and you are good to go. Enjoy learning!

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Accent Neutralization

Argumentation and Debate

Communication Arts 2

European Literature

Introduction to Philosophy

Language Research

Literary Criticism

Mythology and Folklore

Parliamentary Practice

Philippine Literature

Public Speaking

Strategies in English Teaching

Technical Communication

World Literature